Fruit Machine Slots

Fruit Machines are slot games predominantly found in the United Kingdom and now available to everyone who has access to online casinos. Fruit Machine slots have unique interactive features where players can hold and nudge symbols on the reels, and then gamble their winnings.

British slot players are very familiar with Fruit Machines, the ubiquitous slot game of the arcade and the pub. For the rest of us an introduction to fruit machine slots is probably required, since these games require more decisions by the player than other slot variations.

Online fruit machines are now found at a number of online casinos, which means we can all try our luck at holding symbols, then nudging them, and finally deciding whether we want to gamble our winnings.

List of 5 Fruit Machine Slot Games

Basically when a spin of a fruit machine slot is over the game itself might still be afoot. If a fruit machine slot player is randomly awarded a "nudge" she might be able to move a symbol on a reel or even an entire reel up or down one. There is also the possibility of being awarded a "hold" or multiple "holds" (one can also get more than one nudge) allowing the player to freeze symbols and/or entire reels and then spinning the others again.

Fruit machine players have to tread carefully as the hold and the nudge can be mixed blessings. There are times when a winning combination can be lost because a nudge is applied with negative consequences. So if you already have a winning combination be careful!

Fruit machine slots usually also have a gamble feature, which allows the player to risk his winnings and try to double up in the process.

It's usually in the 50/50 format of guessing either high or low, and again the decision is the player's as to whether or not she wants to make use of this feature. If it is a small win it can be fun to gamble and double up a couple of times, but if you have secured a nice win it is prudent to bank it.

Fruit machine slots can also have a a bonus board and/or a cash ladder. A flashing light jumps around and the player tries to stop it on a high amount. Microgaming-powered casinos all have fruit machines in their slots stable, and we have seen fruit machine slots at Crytpologic casinos as well. They require a bit of practice unlike other slot games, which pretty much run themselves, and for some players they can be a little confusing.