Teleingreso is a Spanish online payment method service that makes it simple to securely transfer money online to pay for items and services at a range of websites, as well as make online casino deposits.

Teleingreso offers a convenient and secure way for Spanish residents to buy goods and services online. It is also accepted by many online casinos as a way of making deposits and withdrawals. It is not only an online payment method – it is also a real world banking service. Spanish residents can use its widespread ATM network as well as post offices and retail outlets to make deposits.

List of 4 Teleingreso Casino Bonuses

  Casino   Type Bonus  
Casino Luck UK Match 150% up to £500 with 250 Welcome Spins Claim
Casino Tropez UK Match 100% up to £300 Claim
Eurogrand Casino UK Match £1000 with 25 Welcome Spins Claim
NextCasino UK Match 100% up to £250 with 100 Free Spins Claim

You don’t need to provide your banking details when you open a Teleingreso account and you don’t need to provide any other personal details either. This makes it a very secure method of making online payments. When you are at a website that you wish to purchase from, or you are making a deposit at an online casino, you choose Teleingreso as your payment method and the Teleingreso gateway is used to facilitate the transfer of funds from your Spanish bank account to the merchant. This occurs without your bank account details being divulged or requested.

When you select Teleingreso as your payment method you are provided with a PIN code by the merchant that you use to authorise your payment transfer. This adds an additional level of security to ensure that you are the only person who can make this transfer.

One of the really useful features of Teleingreso as an online payment method is that you don’t need to be connected to make a payment or transfer. As long as you have the details of the merchant, you can use one of the Spanish post offices or retails outlets to make your online transfer.

All testing that we did on Teleingreso revealed that it is indeed a very efficient and quick way of making online payments and transfers. It was also quick and easy to set up a Teleingreso account for review purposes, and will be just as simple for users. We were able to view a record of the transfers we had made, which is always a requirement for us to be convinced of the transparency of the method that we’re testing.

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