eCheck is an electronic check method of making purchases online and funding online casino accounts. It can be used by people around the world and does not require you to open any additional accounts.

When you come to an online merchant or online casino that accepts eCheck as a method of payment, this allows you to issue an electronic check to make a purchase or transfer money into the casino account. It’s a completely safe and hassle free way of doing this, with all transactions occurring over a securely encrypted SSL connection that offers the highest levels of commercial encryption currently available.

List of 6 eCheck Casino Bonuses

  Casino   Type Bonus  
Luxury Casino UK Match 100% up to £1000 Claim
UK Casino Club UK Match 100% up to £700 Claim
Blackjack Ballroom Casino UK Match 100% up to £500 Claim
Eurogrand Casino UK Match £1000 with 25 Welcome Spins Claim
Yukon Gold Casino UK Match £150 with 125 Extra Spins Claim
Zodiac Casino UK Match £480 with 80 Free Spins Claim

eCheck can be used by people all over the world, with different gateways depending on your place of residence. They all use the standard banking transfer gateway method known as ACH or Automatic Clearing House. This technology is used by hundreds of financial institutions to process millions of transactions and has been proven to be reliable and completely secure.

It doesn’t cost anything for you to use an eCheck as a method of payment – there are not processing fees and because you are paying with money you already have, there are also no interest charges. You don’t need to first transfer funds into a third party account either, and the eCheck transaction is processed immediately. In effect you won’t notice any difference between using eCheck to make an online payment and using a direct bank transfer.

All you need to do at any participating online merchant is to choose eCheck as your preferred method of payment and you are then transferred to the secure payment gateway interface where you are able to fill in the necessary details in order to create the eCheck. The merchant receives the payment in real time so there is no hold up between when you make the payment and when you receive what you have purchased, or until the funds are available for you to play with, in the case of an online casino account. Similarly you can have an eCheck issued as a way of withdrawing money from your online casino account, with the funds available for you in your own bank account once the withdrawal has been processed.

Another big advantage of using eCheck is that there is no chance of your payment being rejected because you do not have enough credit or you don’t have enough funds in a third party account to cover the cost of the transaction.

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