Online Casino Payouts

Online gamblers should investigate Casino Payouts before playing.

Payout percentages are usually freely available to all online gamblers and are clearly laid out on the casino website.

One of the most important considerations when assessing casino payouts, is to ensure that the site operator has been subjected to a reliable, third-party verification process. These payout audits should be conducted on a monthly basis. An operator that does not subject itself to regular payout inspections is deemed untrustworthy and is not considered to be operating in good faith.

Whilst the calculation of payout percentages is rather comparable amongst land-based and internet based casinos, it is generally considered that online operators have greater payout percentages than land based ones. But choosing an online operator should involve careful analysis on the part of the gambler. There are four main considerations when selecting an operator: software regulations, payout percentages, probabilities and gaming standards.

MicroGaming, Cryptologic and Playtech are all reputable gaming software developers and suppliers, providing effective mechanisms to ensure payouts are random and fair. These companies license their software to the greater part of online casino operators, who in turn offer gamblers the opportunity to download and utilise it for free. The software operates utilising complex mathematical algorithms created by Random Number Generators to ensure completely unsystematic outcomes on all casino games, including slots and table games. As such, slots cannot be pre-programmed or predetermined, and the dealing of cards or the rolling of dice is as random as if it were real.

The casino payout is the percentage of revenue made by the casino that is paid out to winners. This payout report, as previously mentioned, should be verified by auditors, and should be made publically available for online gamblers to review. Online casinos that offer payout percentages in the region of 95%, means that 95% of all wagers made are paid out to winners and 5% is retained by the casino. It is important that gamblers assess whether or not the payout percentages are in fact being truly represented and should look for a verification certificate on the casinos home page. The certificate should be issued by a reliable and authentic third party auditor such as PricewaterhouseCoopers, eCogra or any other verifiable Online Players Association.

To determine good payout percentages, it is advisable to examine payouts made over the past six months or more. Assessments based on the latest monthly results may not be reliable due to a large jackpot being paid that particular month. Payout percentages should be consistent over an extended period but at the same time, should fluctuate monthly. This is a good indicator that the casino is subject to random payouts, but is regulated at the same time.

When selecting an online casino try and look for an operator that adheres to the standards listed above and those that offer the player an average win ratio of approximately 96,5%. This is a low risk and fair payout percentage.