Download Versus Non-Download Casinos

Richer Graphics and Functionality versus Simplicity and Convenience

Understanding the differences between the two alternate versions of online casino software might assist you in deciding which you prefer.

Whilst the download and instant play flash versions of online casinos both offer exciting entertainment to gamblers worldwide, their are significant differences in how they function. On both sides, there are pros and cons, and ultimately, you decide which suits your requirements. To assist you in making that decision, here are some facts pertaining to each option.

No Download Casinos

The non-downloadable version of online casino software utilises Flash technology and runs using your web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox). This requires that you install the flash plug-in in order to run the casino software. Once this is completed, Flash casinos allow you to register and play instantly. This is because the lobby and game file sizes are significantly smaller than download casino versions. The greatest advantage to Flash casinos however, is that they do not require you to download over 250MB to your computer, especially if you run a relatively small PC.

Download Casinos

In most instances, the download casino is regarded as the preferred method for gambling online. This argument is mainly supported by it's superiority in graphics, sound and reliability. With downloadable software, the tools that power it are significantly more competent, allowing a richer gaming experience with heightened performance. It is for this reason that casino operators prefer, and in most cases, promote the downloadable casino software as opposed to its instant play flash counterpart.

To assist you in deciding which version of online casino you prefer, refer to the table below, which highlights the pros and cons of each.

Feature Download Version Flash Version
Start-Up Tedious Instant
Graphics Feature rich software with diverse options Limited software that is often dull and boring
Animation Superb quality Halting
Hard Drive Utilisation 100 to 250+ MB None
Access From user's own computer only Remote
User Interface Intuitive Basic
Game Launching Instant once downloaded Slow on dial-up connections
Operating System Functionality Minimal gaming interference Problems with recovery, retries and persistence