Choosing an Online Casino

Basic Suggestions to Help you Make the Best Decision

Online gamblers are not in short supply when it comes to selecting a casino. There are numerous sites available, all offering diverse software options and exciting benefits. How then, does one choose? There are several factors to consider.


The first question any gambler should ask, is "What are my odds?" Whilst most casinos purport to offer excellent payouts, their claims need to be investigated and researched by the players themselves. This can be done by checking the payout tables, game odds and overall casino payout statistics. A good casino offers average payouts of 95% and above. It is important to note, that whilst some online casinos offer the same game software, they may not offer the same payouts per game.

Don't Rush the Download

Online gambling requires the use of a software platform and most casinos offer both downloadable software and instant play flash versions. It is advisable that a gambler either accesses a "Preview" site to determine whether the site meets his/her expectations, or alternatively, engages in instant flash play before downloading the software. Some online casinos also offer free play, which gives the gambler the opportunity to test the software without playing for real currency. The gambler should be aware that gaming software however, is not always a good indication of a sites reputation, and research should be conducted to determine their efficacy in terms of payouts and terms and conditions of use.


Withdrawal delays and complications are probably the most frustrating concern for online gamblers. As such, they should make themselves aware of the online operator's protocols and efficiency in this regard prior to downloading their software. In general, online casinos process withdrawals within a few days, if not immediately, but there are those who subject the gambler to restrictions and conditions, such as monthly withdrawal limits, identification verification and pin number verifications via postal service. These withdrawal terms are cumbersome and reduce the enjoyment of the online gaming experience.


Most online gambling operators offer call centre support, as well as online text support. The gambler would be wise to contact these support centres prior to making a deposit, and in so doing, determine whether or not the responses meet with their approval. In essence, the support centres are their to assist with the processing and managing of money, and a gambler should feel assured that his/her queries are met expediently and efficiently.

Licensing and Legalities

Online gambling is not legal in certain parts of the world , including all Muslim countries and several states within the US. As such. the onus lies with the player to determine if he/she is in contravention of any laws prior to engaging in online gambling.

Once the player has determined that he/she is able to gamble legally, it needs to be determined that the gambling site is registered and licensed within legal jurisdictions. These include the UK's Gambling Commission, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man and Cyprus to name a few. The importance of verifying this information lies in the fact that the gambler can be assured of the casino operator being regulated and monitored according to legal and ethical gaming standards.

Top Sites

To be successful within a saturated market, numerous online gambling sites and affiliated organisations developed rating systems and award campaigns to further their own means. As such, a site that claims to have obtained a reputation through the garnering of these awards or ratings, is not necessarily a top site. It is generally considered a safer bet to  sign up with online casinos that have a larger membership base. They must be popular for a reason.

Message Boards

The best way to make a well grounded decision when selecting an online casino is to refer to the comments and complaints made on online message boards. There are many online gamblers who are willing to share their experiences with regards to software, payouts, technical support and customer support, and these insights from experienced players could prove very useful when selecting an operator.